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Welcome to the English section of Mog Online. At the moment, there is only a translation for Signature Manager.

As its name suggests, Signature Manager is a utility that will help you managing your different signatures. It works with InternetConfig RandomSignatures.

Its main advantage is to merge all your signatures in the one window, avoiding the need to switch between the Finder, your text editor, and multiple windows..
There is also a smilley (has in iCab) which indicates if your signature is "valid" or not (if it contains no more than 4 lines of no more than 72 characters). You can also use the "Check signatures" function to make a quick diagnostic.

Finally, you can use the Clip function to insert some text that you use quite often.

Le Gestionnaire de Signatures needs 1.4 MB of RAM. It's a WhateverUWantWare and works only on MacOS


Le Gestionnaire De Signatures (PPC) 390 ko
Le Gestionnaire De Signatures (68k) 385 ko

Usefulls (?) links

I removed links to french sites. To see them, look in the "Lien" link on your left.

Secret of Mana 2 (Sekein Densetu 3) translation is finished. You can have the IPS patch (not the rom) there.
iCab is IMHO the best web browser for MacOS.

Last modified : 10/01/00
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